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Kids ABC Letter Trains (Lite)


★★★ Important Announcement ★★★ We now offer an All-in-One Pack, which includes access to the full versions of all of Intellijoys existing and future apps and comes with a free 3-day trial. Get it here: ABC Letter Trains Lite invites preschool-aged children to learn and become familiar with the English letters using trains and railroads as their tools.With Kids ABC Letter Trains Lite, kids can:1. Learn alphabet letters: As children build railroads, they learn the names and shapes of the letters in the alphabet.2. Write the letters: Using their train car, children trace upper and lower case letters on its railroad track.In the Kids ABC Letter Trains full version, children will also get to:3. Identify alphabet letters: Children aim their engines to find the correct letter on a garage door. When correct, their engine drives inside and pulls out a surprise!4. Identify letter sounds: In the phonics cargo train, children identify first-letter sounds of words with pictures on cargo boxes, and then load the correct cargo boxes onto the train.5. Match lower and upper case letters: Children match letters before the trains move away.